privacyI abide by strict ethical guidelines and laws in relation to confidentiality and their professional practice.

Clients are governed by the relevant privacy and health laws both at a State and Federal level, as well as by a comprehensive code of ethics.  All personal information gathered by your psychologist whilst they provide psychological services will be kept confidential and secure. However you do need to be aware of certain exceptions to confidentiality such as:

If information is subpoenaed by law.

If the failure to disclose this information would place you or another person at serious and imminent risk of harm.

If you have provided prior approval for your psychologist to provide a written report to another professional organization (such as a school or lawyer etc).

If you have provided prior approval for your psychologist to discuss material with another person, such as a parent, spouse or employer.

If disclosure is otherwise required or mandated by State or Federal law.

The information collected and recorded about you is relevant to your reason for seeking psychological services. It is gathered to guide assessment diagnosis and treatment of your  concerns or condition. You do not have to provide this information, but without it, it may not be possible for your psychologist to provide psychological treatment.stock

Disclosure – you will be asked for consent as to  the agencies or individuals with whom your psychologist may communicate.  For example, a spouse/partner, parents, relatives, social worker, employer, lawyer or another health professional ie. psychiatrist, paediatrician, Psychiatric Services.  This list may be amended by you at any time.

It is important that you disclose any custody issues or court proceedings, social services, mental health service etc involvement.

Your referring GP does not need to be listed, as they automatically receive feedback from your clinician.

Should someone contact your psychologist who is not on your Disclosure Form, we will be unable to speak to them without your written permission (except in the circumstances listed above).

I aim to provide a safe and confidential service where you can be open and honest about what has lead you to seek psychological treatment.