How We Work


In order to assist you in deciding whether Liz Macmillan is suitable for your needs the following has been prepared to inform you about how therapy works.


Psychotherapy is used to take  a collaborative approach to the problems and to tailor the best psychological methods derived from theory and research that work with you. Studies have indicated that there are 400 plus psychotherapetic approaches being offered by psychologists and other therapists. Such an array of approaches can create confusion in defining just what constitutes psychotherapy.



What is Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychologists are specialists in the assessment, diagnosis and evidence-based treatment of a wide range of mental health problems


Clinical psychologists have specialist training in the assessment and diagnosis of mental health disorders and the assessment and treatment of a wide range of psychological problems. They are trained in the delivery of techniques and therapies with demonstrated effectiveness in treating mental health difficulties. They are specialists in applying psychological theory and scientific research to resolve clinical problems in both children and adults

To train as a Clinical Psychologist typically takes a minimum of 6 years of University study and ongoing professional development to ensure they stay well informed of current research on best practice in the area

This website endeavours to answer many of your questions to ensure that you are well informed and comfortable with coming for psychological treatment and/or support