Why the logo?

It is symbolic of so much that goes on in our lives and in our heads, how we wonder how life is going to go, how everything fits together.  The aim is to get all things interacting working in a  calm,  balanced coherent way.






My approach is focused on enhancing the capacity and strategies available to help you to reach your goals. My aim is to assist adolescents’ adults and couples to address their issues and to achieve a better future.

I am experienced in the specialty of Psycho-Oncology ,in addition to dealing with Depressive and Anxiety Disorders, Anger Management, Assertiveness and Communication Skills, Self Esteem and Confidence ,Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Stress management ( personal and vocational), Parenting and Child Behavioral Issues ,Grief and Palliative Care counseling and those with a cancer diagnosis.

I have spent many years in molecular biological cancer research and am keen to provide therapeutic assistance to people at all stages of the cancer journey and their carers, and as already stated I am also experienced in Palliative Care Counseling.